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Build Your Own Tiki Bar + Tiki Hut + Bar Table and Stools eBook Combo

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Build Your Own Tiki Bar
Save 70% On Professional Tiki Bar
Your Own Tiki Kev Signature Bar!

Back Yard Tiki Bar Paradise
Start the Blenders! in Margarita Ville
Build Your Own Tiki Kev Signature Bar!

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Build Your Own Tiki Bar for 70% Less

Authentic Tiki bar style brings that island feeling to your back yard

Signature Tiki bars are like a piece of fine furniture for outdoor use, built to last for years

A paradise-like atmosphere, like a mini-vacation in your own back yard every day

Tiki – is a state of mind, an instant ambiance and a distinctive Tiki bar provides a congregation area to socialize and unwind after a long day. Add a few friends and it’s an instant party without the hassle! Conversations and rum punch seem to flow with ease within this relaxing Tiki atmosphere. A Tiki Bar is a welcome addition to any home and lifestyle.

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