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How To Build A Tiki Hut
First Edition – January 2009 (original)
By Kevin C. Dunn
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1. In exchange for purchasing The E-Book, you are hereby licensed to build one (1) Tiki Kev Signature Tiki hut for your own personal use only. You may build one (1) such Tiki hut for each copy of The E-book that you purchase; that is, each licensed Tiki Kev Signature Tiki hut is tied to a licensed copy of The E-book. Each such licensed Tiki Kev Signature Tiki hut is for your own personal use only. You may transfer this license by selling both the Tiki hut and your copy of The E-book at any point in time (you may not sell The E-book on EBay or other online auction sites, unless you sell the Tiki hut, too)

2. You may not use The E-book or any of the ideas, concepts, know-how, designs or related intellectual property contained with The E-book for any other use, including commercial use or building Tiki Kev Signature Tiki huts or derivatives thereof, for any use except for properly licensed use as described in “1” above.

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